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Warrior Candle

Warrior Candle


"She is a warrior: strong enough to face it all, even when she never thought she could. Time and time again, her strength persisted."


The Warrior Candle is the perfect gift for anyone struggling with infertility or pregnancy loss, serving as a reminder of their strength.


Scent Notes: Mandarin, Rose, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber, and Clove.


Feels like: Strength, Resilience, Bravery, Courage, Growth.



  • 100% natural, non-GMO soy wax

  • Duo 100% Cotton Core Wicks

  • Premium natural and essential oils

  • Burn time up to 75 hours

  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles by Apothenne Los Angeles

  • 14 oz fill

  • Matte Peach Glass.

  • No preservatives, additives, dyes, lead or petroleum

  • Paraben and phthalate-free

  • Candle Care

    Trim your wick before lighting each time.

    Never attempt to trim a burning or lit candle, wait until the wax has completely cooled.

    Trim about 1/4” from the base of the wax.

    Light your candle on a flat, draft-free, level surface.

    Allow the candle to burn for 3 hours the first time it's lit or until the wax pool is covering the entire surface.

    To avoid the wax from tunneling, let the wax pool across the surface evenly before extinguishing with each burn.

    Never leave a lit candle unattended.




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