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Positive Affirmations For Infertility

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

One of the most common questions I get asked while struggling with infertility is, "How do I stay so positive?" Honestly, it is not easy and some days it feels almost impossible to see the light. Infertility comes with many ups and down, emotions, grief, and obstacles that you could never be prepared for. So how can you stay positive?

If you're a regular to the blog, you'll know now that I preach self care religiously. Self care has become a priority to my daily routine while struggling with infertility. One of the most important parts of my self care routine is positive affirmations. When struggling with infertility it is easy to put blame on yourself or think negatively about yourself. Your thoughts become your reality. It is so important to stop all negative self talk in it's tracks. When you hear yourself saying something negative about you or your body, stop that thought and replace it with something positive. You truly do have the power to change how you think. I encourage you to implement positive affirmations into your morning routine to set a positive mindset for yourself.

Today, I have created a list of affirmations to start practicing while struggling with infertility:

  1. I love my body unconditionally

  2. My body is strong and capable

  3. I trust that my body knows what to do

  4. No matter what comes my way, I know that I am strong enough to handle it

  5. I can do hard things

  6. I am a warrior

  7. I love myself without judgement

  8. I am perfect as I am

  9. I am whole and complete

  10. My ability to conceive does not define me

  11. I am worthy of receiving all good things

  12. My feelings are valid

  13. I am grateful for all that my body has done for me

  14. Today, I choose to live in the moment and not worry about what the future holds

  15. Loving energy surrounds me and my body

  16. I am relaxed: Mind, body, and soul.

  17. I am proud of who I am

  18. I release all fears about the future

  19. I am valued

  20. I am enough

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